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At this time, the area of concern remains properties between the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base and Van Etten Lake, and properties between Van Etten Lake and Lake Huron, from the US 23/F-41 split north to Chippewa Road. Previously only wells around the base were of concern. Environmental Health Director/Deputy Health Officer Chuck Lichon said it is hard to predict if the pollution, which came from firefighting chemicals used by the Air Force, is spreading. There is no way to predict at the current time where the plume will extend, he said It will extend to Lake Huron, we know that, but you never know where groundwater is going to go. To help combat the pollution Lichon said the health department has been installing reverse osmosis equipment into homes in the Oscoda area, or installing water bottle coolers, so there is safe drinking water. He said there are more than 300 wells affected so far. He said the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is sinking test wells in areas and taking water samples. Lichon said right now DHD No. 2s role in the community is to help residents find clean water sources. Either they are getting the reverse osmosis system most people are taking that system over the having the water cooler put in their homes and we work with them, he said.

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